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Suggestions for small charities

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Sokmonsta Fri 11-Oct-13 12:23:35

There's the giving machine. Works a bit like sites like quidco but the money goes to your charity instead.

unlucky83 Sun 05-May-13 20:09:27

I volunteer and am involved with several small local wondering if we are allowed to share links/tips for ways of increasing donations that don't cost anything etc?
These are things we use and so far we have had no problems with...
First -look at registering with HMRC for Gift aid (if you are a registered charity) the process of claiming has got easier over the years and you can now claim online...
Already been on another thread recommending BT's 'Mydonate' as a free online giving website -rather than the fee paying Justgiving etc'd lose nothing by joining!!! (Or we haven't at least - you can be a member of more than one of these types of site) The charity registers and you get your supporters to register too Then when they buy something online from places like Amazon, Boden, M&S, John Lewis etc etc if they go through the Easyfundraising website (and there is a reminder toolbar for this which is quite good) your chosen charity get a % of their spend - doesn't cost them or the charity anything...(apart from if they would normally use something like Quidco - then of course they can't do that too!)
I administer this for two charities (and use their toolbar) and don't seem to get lots of spam -so it seems ok - and the charities do get the money...
We also have something with Yellow moon - children's craft - we get a percentage of sales (have been bad at promoting this recently) And Rag Bag - your members give you bags of old clothes and they collect them from you and pay so much per kilo (not sure if there are other companies that do this - and if they are the most competitive -but has worked for us for years)
Also it might be worth looking at 'In kind direct' - they get surplus goods donated to them from big retailers and if you register as a charity (which was a hassle for me...but still...) you can buy the donated stuff from them for a 'handling/postage charge' can't sell/raffle the stuff you get from them - so it has to be stuff you can use - and so far I haven't found anything our group can use -but do check it out (they have things like pallet loads of poster paints (too much for us) but also clothing, nappies and toiletries (guess would be good for a hostel/women's refuge) -worth looking -you can only see the prices if you register...but for a few things I've looked at much cheaper than buying from a shop ...

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