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unlucky83 Sun 05-May-13 19:15:57

Yep - read their website under 'fees'

You donate £10.
Your charity receives £10 within days.
We then reclaim the Gift Aid from HMRC(which takes 2 to 3 weeks) + £2.50
When we receive the Gift Aid we deduct our 5% fee from it - 63p
Barclaycard deducts a card-processing fee on pounds sterling (GBP) payments (1.3%) -13p
We pay the Gift Aid, minus our fee and card-processing fee, to your charity.
Your £10 donation becomes £11.74

In summary: when you donate £10, your charity receives £11.74.
(which of course would be £12.37 (£12.50 less 13p card charges on the £10 if they didn't)

That is what annoyed me most - because (and it is clearer now) they don't say their that the charity is also paying a fee to be a member...(if it was just 5% on the gift aid it wouldn't be too bad)

Mydonate really is free ( apart from the same card charges as Justgiving -which is fair enough -as those charges are down to the card companies) and they do the gift aid and you get it all ...
(the administration is paid for BT as part of their giving back to society)

Only problem is they have a lower profile (less chance of someone finding your charity) - but if you run a charity you may as well join Mydonate as not...and that will raise the profile!!!

rubyslippers Sun 05-May-13 09:26:26

they take a cut of Gift Aid??

i will have to check what we are being invoiced for then

all these services have some charges somewhere along the way

what i will say is that Just Giving seems to have good reporting whereas Virgin Money wasn't so straightforward

unlucky83 Sat 04-May-13 22:45:17

Just Giving 'fee' might not directly come from the donations but in reality it does ...because the charity pay that invoice from its income ...which comes from ...donations...
And they take a cut of the gift aid claimed ...
Also depends on how you use it - we don't expect to regularly get £15 donations per month (we mainly used my donate for sponsored events) so for several months we would be paying for nothing)
Just looked and they have made it clearer they charge a fee to charity -it didn't used to be that clear - it looked like they just took a cut out of any gift aid and charged card fees...
Mydonate is completely free (apart from card charges 1.3% CC and 15p debit card) and you keep all your gift aid

rubyslippers Sat 04-May-13 12:57:35

Just Giving don't take a cut of donations

the charity is invoiced totally seperately for the service

EauRouge Sat 04-May-13 12:55:02

Italics fail.

EauRouge Sat 04-May-13 12:54:07

Thanks very much for that, I didn't think of looking on Moneysavingexpert. I'll have a look at the BT one. JustGiving definitely sounds too expensive and we can't afford the £100 for the Virgin one. A small percentage is OK, I'll see if I can find that local giving one.

I just had another read of and it says that there are no fees and they make money this way-

^We create world-class social enterprise solutions for charities to help them access and use the web better.

We deliver this technology as software-as-a-service through the cloud, which charities are free to turn on and off depending on their needs.

We also maintain a tiered, fair pricing structure based on turnover allowing even the most advanced kit to be affordable to the smallest of charities.^

I have got no idea what that means! Is anyone technologically-minded? Does it just mean that they offer a fee-paying service if you want one but you can opt out?

unlucky83 Sat 04-May-13 10:09:30

We looked at this about 9 months ago ...
Justgiving charges something like £15 + vat a month to be registered then the card sale charges on top...

There is one from virgin that has a one off registration fee £100 ish IIRC- then just reclaims the card charges

Also one called local giving or similar - it is run by a charity body -(cvs? maybe) but they take a percentage of your donation as a donation to them...

We (as a charity) have registered with 'Mydonate' (from BT) which is completely free (except for card changes- everytime you pay anywhere with a card the person you pay has to pay a card handling fee- depends on their arrangement but usually a set amount for a debit card 30p ish and a % for a credit card 2-3%)
And it is working well for us -and it makes claiming gift aid a breeze but you have register with HMRC for gift aid first- and don't know if they do donations by text?
(I think Moneysavingexpert have a list of all the providers)

EauRouge Fri 03-May-13 08:22:52

Thanks both- I don't mind hearing bad news, I just wanted to know if it was worth doing. I wondered how made their money, they do say on the blurb that they are a profit-making company but they were a bit vague about where it comes from....

I wonder if a Paypal charity account would be a better option. I know they charge but I think it's quite a low percentage compared to a normal Paypal account. I'll have to look into it.

Does anyone know of any other options?

Sunnywithshowers Thu 02-May-13 21:34:30

I don't know what are like. However, I've worked in charity fundraising and my colleagues have had a good service from JustGiving.

specialsubject Thu 02-May-13 21:07:11

here is the JustGiving fee structure:

5% PLUS. also charge, but don't say how much.

not what you want to hear, sorry - but they are profit-making businesses.

EauRouge Thu 02-May-13 20:33:55

Ooh, do I get to start the first proper thread in here? grin

Anyway, I run a charity support group. I badly need to get more organised about fundraising and I'm planning on running a race in a couple of months to kick things off.

I was thinking about a Just Giving account, one of the reasons for this is that you can donate by text. Most of the support work I do is over the phone and email and I think if people can donate a pound or two by text then they might be more likely to donate. However, Just Giving takes a cut of donations (I think around 4%).

With you get 100% of the donations but I don't think you can donate by text, it is credit/debit card or paypal. Also I'm finding all the blurb really confusing, do I set up an account or just a fundraiser or what?

Or is there another similar site that I don't know about?

If anyone can give me any tips then they would be really welcome!

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