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Whats the difference between a DS and DSI please?

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Ryoko Sun 04-Jul-10 16:12:14

DSi also plays the downloadable iware games from Nintendo online.

Personally I wouldn't bother getting a DSi, just get a Lite.

3DS will be out next year.

EVye Wed 05-May-10 21:00:06

Agree with NotsoDH, especially for kids...not sure about your DH.

NotsoDH Mon 03-May-10 21:59:55

Compared to the old DS, the DS Lite is smaller, lighter, has a brighter screen and longer lasting batteries.

The DSi, compared to the DS Lite, has a camera in it, so you can take low resolution images and play around with them. There is also a microphone so you can make recordings and play with them.

Both of them play DS games. The big difference is that the DSi doesn't have the slot at the bottom for older Game Boy Advance games. But it can connect to the internet and you can download games to play called DSiWare.

The DSi battery doesn't last as long. PERSONALLY I would stick with a lite. The camera/mic thing is gimmicky and throwaway and DSiware is underused (but has potential). Also the longer battery life of the DS Lite is better.

To clarify both of them play DS games.

Note there is also the DSi XL! With larger screens.

(also consider Nintendo will likely replace the DS line next year with a wholly new handheld)

luciemule Thu 29-Apr-10 18:38:51

think the only difference is that the i has a camera in it too. Think you can still play DS games on it.

Disenchanted3 Thu 29-Apr-10 18:35:44

and can you play DS games on DSI?

DHs old, old (big fat) DS is knackered, was going to get him a DS but seen the DSI? Is it worth an extra £30?

Can he play his normal DS games on it?

Cheers x

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