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Can anyone recommend a PC chess game for a beginner please

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bran Sun 07-Mar-10 10:28:31

Thanks NN, that looks quite similar to Chess Titans so DS will be happy with it.

I never knew that DH could play chess until he started teaching DS named openings (Ruy-Lopez so far). I think DH has visions of a future chess champion in the family, I think DS will get bored with it by the end of term. grin

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nannynick Sun 07-Mar-10 10:16:16

There is a download version of FlashChess3 which has some extra features. Such as Visual Aid: highlight the pieces you can move, pieces under attack and whether or not you can capture an enemy piece.

Download costs $9 and works on XP, Vista, Win7.
There is also a version for AdobeAir (so works on Win, Mac, Linux - as long as your system is already able to run AdobeAir).

nannynick Sun 07-Mar-10 10:11:44

How about an online version which uses Flash?

How To Play Chess has flash videos, they are not that great but may help remind him of how to play basic moves, if he needs some help.

bran Sun 07-Mar-10 09:35:21

DS is learning chess at school and would like to be able to practise on the computer. One of his friends uses Chess Titans on Windows 7 which DS quite likes, but we don't have Windows 7 and although I can theoretically download Chess Titans it keeps failing.


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