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Best type of case for Ds lite?

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NotsoDH Fri 12-Feb-10 11:08:36

Little bit late to this thread, but I would only bother buying a skin/case for asthetic (sp?) reasons. All of nintendo's handhelds are very well made and will withstand a lot of drops/bumps. They allegedly test them by dropping them onto concrete.

In terms of what else you need. Games! Everything else you need you get with it.

piratecat Sat 06-Feb-10 21:55:36

dd's skins are slightly padded. I have foundit hard to find skins in this country.

AttillaTheHan Sat 06-Feb-10 20:56:30

Great! Thanks for your suggestions. My only worry with the skins is that they don't look very thick and protective... Am i expecting too much?

Will go and have a good look around for a skin.

Thanks again grin

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piratecat Sat 06-Feb-10 20:53:48

here is a link for the rubber/silicone skin, it looks like it makes the console very easy to handle/play.


brimfull Sat 06-Feb-10 20:53:40

ds has a soft one with a pocket to keep all the game in.

piratecat Sat 06-Feb-10 20:51:21

Dd has hello Kitty skins, and a hard hello kitty case, just to carry it about in, but not to play iyswim. (both from my mate is the states). The skins look ace!!

my mate says her son has a hard crystal case, but finds it more awkward to play. She said there are these rubber cases, she has seen over there tho, more lightweight, which i am tempted to look into.

Charger, spare pens.

AttillaTheHan Sat 06-Feb-10 20:47:17

We are getting ds a dslite for his birthday and want to get a case for it so that there might be some chance of it not getting broken in the first few weeks.

I had a quick look and there seems to be a lot out there from skins, to hard crystal cases as well as soft padded cases.

If you/ your dd/ your ds has a case which is easy to use and proects the ds well please let me know.

Also what else will he need to go with his ds?

TIA grin

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