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What game for a five year old?

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littledawley Fri 08-Jan-10 15:22:51

I bought my son Lego Indiana Jones for him to play on our Mac but it was way too hard for him and he just wanted DH and I to play it for him. Can anyone recommend a Cd-Rom that he might enjoy and be able to tackle on his own. He's very competent on Cbeebies, Poisson Rouge, Club Penguin etc.

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littledawley Fri 08-Jan-10 18:30:37

bump smile

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yummymummybuster Sun 14-Mar-10 17:10:43

nonononono ! all of those games are terrible. could you get him something that he would like?

Kevlarhead Mon 22-Mar-10 22:35:38

How old is your son?

Kevlarhead Mon 22-Mar-10 22:46:01

Whoops, forgot to read the thread title.

DS is 5, and enjoys Jelly Car and Armadillo Run (although we've so far only got the demo of the latter).

Also likes Lego Star wars on the DS (I think it's less puzzle-based than Indy, and more tolerant of just holding down the fire button).

He's also spectated me doing naval battles in Empire:Total War, as that's the only one of my games I'll let him see...

paisleyleaf Mon 22-Mar-10 22:48:15

The OP's wondering what's out there that he might like.
He's 5.

Sorry little dawley I have no ideas for you. My 5 yr old DD enjoys those websites too and we don't have any CD roms for her.
We did download tux paint for her though which she enjoys. Not a game - one of those art things.

Kevlarhead Mon 22-Mar-10 23:36:12

Forgot The Blob.

There's no real point to it (you're a friendly blobby alien, colouring in a dull monochrome city by bumping into things) beyond colouring the 17 special buildings, and collecting coins, but it's fun, and non-violent and DS loves it.

Kevlarhead Tue 23-Mar-10 00:10:31

Ah crud... it's late and I'm tired, and I missed the fact you owned a Mac.

Don't know what to recommend. Other than something that's not a mac...


spangles101 Thu 30-Sep-10 13:55:14

Have come across a set of games called neurogames? they're quite new and unheard of, but you can buy them Amazon. I was reccomended them by a friend for my 4 year girl a few months back, they are educational based (reading and maths) but she loves them and has improved loads with them aswell.

nedgoom Mon 10-Jan-11 20:25:56

Check out - its new, free, and a bit different.

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