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DS game for non-girly 8 yr old niece?

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LoraB Tue 08-Dec-09 14:55:58

Doesn't like princesses, but does like horses.

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Dumbledoresgirl Tue 08-Dec-09 14:59:11

my dd (heavily influenced by having three brothers) likes the pokemon games. Any use to you?

She also likes horses though so I am going to watch this thread with interest.

watsthestory Tue 08-Dec-09 15:01:19

Message withdrawn

Tidey Tue 08-Dec-09 15:04:55

Once again, I'm going to recommend Scribblenauts. Everyone I know who's played it has been impressed and then addicted.

and no I don't work for whichever company makes it grin

LoraB Tue 08-Dec-09 15:11:09

Ooh, thank you! I posted this on the Toys section as well cos I wasn't sure if anyone would see it here - so thanks for replying so promptly. Isn't great?!

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Doodlez Tue 08-Dec-09 15:12:14


LIZS Tue 08-Dec-09 15:20:45

There's a new Pony Friends 2 otherwise how about Dolphin Island or similar

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