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Wii MotionPlus Charger - help please

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SingleMum01 Thu 03-Dec-09 20:23:11

Hi has anyone one of the above? The instructions say the blue light comes on when charging - I've tried it and it comes on and goes off again - should the blue light stay on? Apparently it will go green when charged? Have I a faulty one or is that how they are? Thanks.

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preggarschick Sun 13-Dec-09 21:18:44

If the light goes out when you place the wii remote (with the proper rechargable battery fitted) onto the charger, the battery could be faulty. If you are placing the remote onto the charger but have not put the rechargable battery packs that came with it into the remotes it may also cut off.


SingleMum01 Mon 14-Dec-09 19:56:10

Thanks, I've sorted it, was having a blonde moment and hadn't put the remote in property. Doh blush

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