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JohnMcCainsDeathStare Sun 07-Mar-21 18:31:54

Hi Folks,

I'm wanting to get some periferals for my DH's new gaming PC. I want a monitor that's 1080p - not more than that since lag can be an issue. I also want a sturdy gaming mouse and a rugged keyboard (he can't touch-type - he pecks so it needs to be sturdy)

ALso a reliable headset with mike would be useful too. Thanks!

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JohnMcCainsDeathStare Mon 08-Mar-21 13:22:27

Bah! Perhaps Mumsnet isn't the best place - there are plenty of people who see me as an immature weirdo for playing video games at my advanced age. They might be right on both accounts but it is still the suck...

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safariboot Thu 11-Mar-21 21:31:00

Can't suggest specific models but look for a "Freesync" monitor. This means the monitor matches the framerate of the game, eliminating screen tearing - when the screen shows half of one frame and half of the next.

DonGray Sat 13-Mar-21 12:46:56

Daskeyboards are good- very robust
Headset wise we use Turtle Beach

NotMeNoNo Sat 13-Mar-21 13:01:32

I'll ask my teenagers when they wake up

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