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Are there games I can play on my laptop that have puzzles like Zelda?

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KatyMac Tue 08-Dec-20 19:06:47

When DD was younger I loved Professor Layton and I am really enjoying Zelda now - the puzzles in the shrines rather than the fighting

But often the TV is tied up and I wondered if there was something I can play on my laptop as the Switch screen is a bit small for me

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SheBangsTheDrums1 Tue 08-Dec-20 19:14:51

The Talos Principle is ace for puzzles, I still miss it having finished! I played via Steam on my laptop.

I haven’t heard of Professor Layton, will look into it...

Baba is You is a low key, basic graphics logic puzzle game...I’ll try and think of some more...

KatyMac Tue 08-Dec-20 19:26:36

Thanks I'll have a look

The kids are talking about buying me Fenyx Rising but the reviews say the fighting is better but the puzzles aren't as good

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FayKnights Tue 08-Dec-20 19:29:39

There are some good puzzle games on Big Fish.
I loved Professor Layton too!

SheBangsTheDrums1 Tue 08-Dec-20 20:13:58

Also Machinarium! Steampunky cute robot puzzles, great fun...

ISaySteadyOn Thu 14-Jan-21 15:33:56

You could try the Artifex Mundi games on Steam. They are story driven but to progress the story you need to do puzzles.

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