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Suggestions for zoom party games for family

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tiredandgrumpy Mon 07-Dec-20 19:34:10

We're not going to be able to meet up with family over Xmas, but haven't seen cousins for over a year. I'd like to set up an activity over Zoom, but am not sure what could be done. Youngest children are 9 and 11, then we have 4 teenagers. 10 of us in total including adults.

Has anyone got great suggestions? I wondered about an online escape room but am not sure how that would work. Among Us might be a possibility too.

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Knobblybobbly Tue 22-Dec-20 20:22:16

Following as need ideas too!

I’m going to do a quiz and maybe bingo (we always do bingo at Christmas)! I googled zoom quiz and there’s loads of good ideas for both written quizzes, shout the answer out first and I was wondering if there was a ‘buzzer’ option on zoom???

One idea was to challenge each family to find a random household item as quickly as possible.

Prizes I was thinking something digital like vouchers for Amazon/just eat/game etc

If you’ve ever used houseparty, that’s quite good for drawing games.

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