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HummingHarp Wed 01-Apr-20 01:48:33

Hi all,

Probably not the only one in this boat but I could really use some new games to pass the time. I’m not a hardcore gamer but recent circumstances have forced me to blow the dust off my old PSP 1,2 and 3 in attempt to save my sanity.

I can’t stand games like fifa or cod, but I like Skyrim and life is strange. Any kind of game with a bit of variety. The early Harry potters, Pokemon go, oblivion and of course Simpson’s Hit & Run are my favourites but I feel I need to try something new.

Any recommendations would be great. flowers

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SpoonBlender Wed 01-Apr-20 02:22:28

What have you got to play on? PC, Switch, PS4, Xbone, Android, iThing, other?

I'll throw you some random stuff to have a look at on Youtube. All of these are great games, but of course may not be to your taste.

Disco Elysium (PC, Xbone coming)
Animal Crossing (Switch)
Untitled Goose Game (most)
The Outer Wilds (PC, Xbone)
Patapon 2 remastered (PS4, or original PSP/Vita)
Baba Is You (most)
Black Mesa (PC)
What the Golf (iThing)
Lego City Undercover (most)
A Short Hike (PC)
Zelda - Breath of the Wild (Switch)
Mario Odyssey (Switch)
The Outer Wilds (PC, PS4, Xbone)
The Outer Worlds (PC, PS4, Xbone, Switch soon)
Persona 5 (PS4) or Persona 4 (Vita)
The Last Of Us (PS4)
Elite Dangerous (PC, PS4, Xbone)
Yakuza 0 (PS4)
Telling Lies (PC, iOS)

MrsTerryPratchett Wed 01-Apr-20 02:27:56


HummingHarp Wed 01-Apr-20 02:51:07

@SpoonBlender only got a PlayStation 1,2 &3. I’d give my left arm for a switch thoughgrin

Thanks for the list

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SpoonBlender Wed 01-Apr-20 03:01:45

Bloody hard to get hold of just now, but the Lites can occasionally be got for about £160. Amazing machines. I'm living in Animal Crossing at the moment...

Okay, PS3 tops. Hmm. In no particular order, a bunch of my favourites:

Persona 5 still!
The Last of Us
Tokyo Jungle
Ico/Shadow of the Colussus remasters (or the PS2 originals)
Burnout Paradise
Yakuza 5 (you don't need to play these in order!)
Journey (an absolute must play)
The Walking Dead
Fallout New Vegas
Sleeping Dogs
Ni No Kuni
Red Dead Redemption
Portal (in The Orange Box) and Portal 2
The Mass Effect trilogy

SpoonBlender Wed 01-Apr-20 03:14:00

I only got into Playstations with the 3 so don't have any real suggestions for the older ones. And sorry, I did see you said "PSP 1,2 and 3" up top but my brain didn't do the autocorrect!

So many good games. Twist my arm to pick one of them? I'd say Okami, but that's a 40+ hour adventure game so get Journey on as well - that's only four hours but it's an absolute delight (choose "yes" to online, though I don't know if you'll get anything from it these days).

There's Fallout 3 as well, by the same team who did Oblivion and Skyrim, but New Vegas is better.

HummingHarp Wed 01-Apr-20 22:27:02

@SpoonBlender Thanks I'll check them out. I've had a quick look on CEX there seems to be two versions of Fallout new vegas one £2.00 and an ultimate edition for £12.00 is it worth/necessary to upgrade?

I'm gonna sound like a bit of a dweeb but what can you actually do on family crossing, my friend mentioned she built an aquarium and could speak to is it a animal version of the sims but cuter and not so intense?

@MrsTerryPratchett is that Civilization: Revolution on ps3?

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MrsTerryPratchett Wed 01-Apr-20 22:30:16


AvonBarksdale99 Wed 01-Apr-20 22:34:28

Mass Effect 2 on PS3 is one of the greatest sci-Fi 1st person RPGs of all time. If that sounds like it would float your boat then I urge you to play it, and envy you experiencing it for the first time!

HummingHarp Wed 01-Apr-20 22:48:09

@MrsTerryPratchett cool I'll add it to my list. @AvonBarksdale99 definitely sounds like my thing is there a Mass Effect 1 i need to play first to get the story line?

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AvonBarksdale99 Wed 01-Apr-20 22:54:09

There is a Mass Effect 1, I never played it just went straight to 2 and it was fine, I understood the story although it does refer back to it at times but not in a confusing way. Up to you, depends how much time you have on your hands 😂

AvonBarksdale99 Wed 01-Apr-20 23:06:03

Other brilliant PS3 games:

Uncharted 2: treasure hunting puzzle/platformer/shooter

God of War 3: Greek mythology hack n slash/puzzler/platformer

Borderlands 2: Weird darkly comic RPG shooter with interesting graphics

Resistance 3: Alien first person shooter set in an alternate 1950s

I could talk about games all day but those were my favourites on the PS3. You don’t need to have played the previous ones in the series don’t worry 😊 or get a PS4 and join the party!

SpoonBlender Thu 02-Apr-20 09:22:18

Animal Crossing - kinda yes to "a cuter version of the sims" but it's way over towards Harvest Moon with a bunch of (optional) farming-sim stuff and crafting furniture and fishing and bug-catching and digging up fossils and flying to desert islands and and ... It's just a lovely little world to be in with gestures around vaguely this going on

SpoonBlender Thu 02-Apr-20 09:26:56

For the Fallout games (and many others!) they do the base release (40+ hours) then the "game of the year" edition or "gold" or whatever which includes the DLCs which'll be another three 10-15 hour adventures each. With the Fallouts particularly I find it's better to not get the expanded version initially, because the DLC stories are continually being thrust upon you while you're trying to work out how to play the game and it's annoying.

Mass Effect 2 is a fine starting point for that series, you can go back and play ME1 if you fall in love with it. I'd also second Avons picks but thought they'd be a little less your thing, I may be wrong smile I loved Borderlands 2 (I've just finished B3 in fact) but it's a sense-of-humour thing as much as anything else.

NewYearNewTwatName Thu 02-Apr-20 09:59:32

For PS3 if you liked skyrim then you'll love dragons dogma. full DLC is dark arisen.

NewYearNewTwatName Thu 02-Apr-20 10:00:30

Also dragon age inquisition. for ps3

NewYearNewTwatName Thu 02-Apr-20 10:03:11

sorry I should think before I post.
there is also The last of Us on PS3. but it's a Zombie apocalypse after a mass pandemic...........Soooooo it may not be what you are looking at the moment grin

AvonBarksdale99 Thu 02-Apr-20 11:24:15

Haha yeah I was going to mention the last of us and then was like... hmm maybe not 🤔😅

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