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Survey about videogames for parents of young children.

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L10yd Wed 16-Oct-19 16:07:16

Hello parents of mumsnet, my name is Lloyd. I am currently studying a course on games design, as part of this course I have to create a game for a specific audience and therefore need research on this audience. As the audience for game is so young I thought it would be best to go straight to the parents for their opinions on the subject. It would be preferable for parents with at least one child under the age of ten to take this survey.
The survey contains two sections and up to 17 questions in total. All answers should be anonymous as long you don't put any personal information in any of the answers. If you find the survey to be too intrusive please do not complete the survey but rather respond to me directly on this site to tell me where I went wrong.
This survey is done through my google form which you can locate here:
I promise that this link will take you to no other site than my survey where the answers will automatically be collected for me to analyse at any given point in private. I will be publicly posting my findings however as previously mentioned the survey is entirely anonymous so none of your information should be leaked. You can discuss the survey with me on this post or in private, I will not record anything other than survey responses without someone's consent first.
Please do not put down any answers that are blatantly fictitious as these responses will have to be discarded. Please only answer if you currently have a young child as data may not be relevant if your child has grown up now.
Thank you to anyone taking this survey I hope to see responses soon, I will most likely close the survey on the 21st of October and analyse the data.
Thank you, Lloyd.

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