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Pretendingtobeapsychokiller Mon 16-Sep-19 05:35:18

I occasionally go back to PoGo, but after hitting L40, it's lost it's shine. The spawn mechanics are pretty dire too. Coordinating raids was a pain, with kids.

Tried the Harry Potter thing. Too similar to PoGo to draw me in. Same problems.

I love Jurassic World Alive. The social aspect of it is awesome. I can chat on Discord for ages, or actually play if I can't sleep. Alliances are awesome, and Niantec missed a trick there.
Are there any similar games that I haven't seen yet?

I'm ashamed to say that I nearly lost my shit when it went on a maintenance break last week. I need a back up that I can play wherever I am, and that don't completely depend upon moving around.
Any ideas?

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