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Nintendo switch vs switch lite?

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Pinkbonbon Thu 08-Aug-19 17:06:44

So apparently the new switch lite is due to be both $200 and £200 when its released (assuming that isn't a place holding price?). Which means it is more expensive here in the UK.

I'd intended to get it for animal crossing when it comes out next year but now I'm thinking it might be worth getting the normal switch price wise and playing on the TV.

Been checking out fire emblem lately too and I kinda want to get it. Switch lite isn't out yet though.

What does everyone else think, worth holding out for the lite? Looking forwards to animal crossing? Been playing fire emblem?

sleepismysuperpower1 Thu 08-Aug-19 17:17:42

can you not play animal crossing on the switch? dd1 was really looking forward to it being released but we only have a switch and aren't going to buy a lite sad

BreakfastAtLitanies Thu 08-Aug-19 17:17:52

Firstly, I cannot wait for Animal Crossing.

Secondly, I've decided to just buy the original switch, now, as the tv features remind me of the old wii AC and I loved the ability to see it on the big screen!

BreakfastAtLitanies Thu 08-Aug-19 17:34:15

@sleepismysuperpower1 you will be able to play it on the switch smile

Pinkbonbon Thu 08-Aug-19 18:22:42

Yes you can play it on the switch too.

Same, I remember yge GC version and it has made me nostalgic to play ac on at TV again. If the lite was gonna be like £150 or so it might have been worth it but for 200...might as well pay the extra...

Only thing is, is the original quite heavy in handhold mode? Cause I think my inner obsessive gamer might come back with ac lol.

Pinkbonbon Thu 08-Aug-19 18:23:33

*the GC version

BreakfastAtLitanies Thu 08-Aug-19 20:34:15

I have arthritis and often get pain in my hands and can honestly say the original switch is fine in handheld mode. It's probably even lighter than my 3DS XL, I'd say! (Just held them and can confirm it feels much lighter to hold, maybe because the weight is spread out?)

Pinkbonbon Thu 08-Aug-19 21:13:27

Ah brilliant. Might just have to spend that extra 80 quid on the original then xD will blame fire emblem as animal crossing isn't out till next march (!!!!!!! Too long to wait lol).

BreakfastAtLitanies Fri 09-Aug-19 12:21:07

I know! I'm gutted they delayed it but I'm still excited. Luigi's mansion 3 is out soon though I think and I'll be getting that!!

Pinkbonbon Fri 09-Aug-19 16:10:24

Really hoping there's more character dialogue and more depth of personality in this version. Like if the 'cranky' villagers are actually cranky lol.

I have Luigi's mansion 2 on 3ds but I never really got into it. Might give it a go again.

Thinking I might try super smash bros if I get the switch, remember it way back in the Nintendo 64 days, wonder how much its changed since then. That's the only other one that was appealing to me tbh... Oh! And little dragons cafe, anyone tried that?

Demogorgmum Fri 16-Aug-19 22:39:02

I have the switch and play it solely handheld but I like that I have the option to play on tv if I want to. Also I worry that if the new consoles are affected by joy con drift that you'd have to send the entire console off to Nintendo for repair. They say its sorted but only time will tell.

Pinkbonbon Mon 26-Aug-19 15:44:11

I bought one, find it a but heavy in handheld but going to get a stand for it and that should make it easy enough. Mainly play it on the TV anyway.

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