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GTA5 - still very misogynistic?

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Snowy111 Tue 06-Aug-19 18:37:49

My soon to be 14 year old wants this for a birthday present. It’s not the violence so much as the misogyny that puts me off, but have they cleaned up their act now? Am I being overly sensitive?

Morgan12 Tue 06-Aug-19 18:51:00

They certainly haven't cleaned up their act 😂

But I think a 14 year old can handle it. He knows it's just a game.

Snowy111 Thu 08-Aug-19 14:24:18

This is the article I saw that made me think it might be better

I think he can handle it and I know plenty of 14 year olds play this, but we’ve had a conversation about how GTA normalises violence and rape and misogyny, and I don’t like that it’s real life violence rather than other games which are in fantasy worlds. I’ve told him he can have it at 16.

He’s not happy, but hes accepted that. Don’t know if I’ve done the right thing - I’m a horrible mother aren’t I confused

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