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Cheapo handheld console for hols

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Kirkybean2 Sun 16-Jun-19 20:07:39

Having a French villa holiday with elderly grandma and 2 kids (8,6) this Aug, lucky us. They’re swimmers and readers but I want something to pull out when it’s scorchio outside and How to Train Your Dragon isn’t cutting it. I’m not talking Nintendo Switch, more like £30-40 tops so I won’t cry too much when it ends up in the pool. Headphone option essential. Any recommendations? Ta.

sleepismysuperpower1 Sun 16-Jun-19 20:24:04

i would go for a DSi. you can get them on musicmagpie (have bought from there and they are very good) for around £20. link. it has a headphone jack at the bottom, and you can get a joblot of games off ebay like this for around £10 x

Kirkybean2 Sat 29-Jun-19 08:45:42

Late to say this, but thank you! Great solution, cheers 😁

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