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Any PC gamers out there? HELP!

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Runoutofpatoence Fri 31-May-19 23:31:06

Firstly let me state I have no gaming or computer knowledge at all so please forgive the lack of technical details.
My son has recently purchased a second monitor for his gaming PC. The first time he installed it the broadband connection
crashed for 30 mins so I joked it was the monitor. Anyway monitor was faulty ,making a loud buzzing noise so he was back to one monitor while he waited for replacement, no problems with our broadband.The replacement arrived yesterday , he connected it and again after a couple of mins internet crashed and refused to reconnect until he came off the computer. Internet has been fine all day , he came back from work switched on computer and yep - internet connection has crashed again. My children are all laughing because I said that the monitor seems to be interfering with our broadband and they have all tried to explain that there's no way an extra monitor would cause us to lose connection . However once again as soon as he turned off the computer , because he couldnt connect to play games, the broadband connected again. His computer ,when it only had one monitor, didn't affect our broadband so to me it's seems a bit unbelievable that this is just a coincidence.
He is obviously upset and frustrated that after saving and waiting for so long that he can't play games with 2 monitors and I don't know where to start on what the problem could be.
Any suggestions would be gratefully received!

danicohn Mon 01-Jul-19 16:03:42

How is he connecting the second monitor, he could possibly be plugging it through the Ethernet cable. If this is the case then maybe you should carefully find the correct plug or ask the manufacturer for instructions on the phone.

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