Any Clash of Clan players?

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ItsAGo Thu 11-Apr-19 20:31:46

Anyone in a clan who would let me join? Also my DH. I promise I spend a lot of my day playing and will donate lots. DH not as much but on daily too. Have tried several clans but always seem to get the wrong time zone, is full of kids, or no one donates. I’m only starting out this village but had played previously on a different tablet a few years ago.

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ItsAGo Sun 14-Apr-19 15:08:28

Bump. The current clan I’m in internationally dusnt active enough with requests and want to try out the new clan games thing eventually. Or a clan where the players aren’t turning over every 12hours.

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TonicAndLotsofGin Wed 05-Jun-19 17:46:41

I play! But I don't have a clan either. Maybe we should start one?

rosesandcashmere Thu 06-Jun-19 10:33:32

If you let me know what it's called I will join! Haven't played in ages and I fly for a living so only on here or there but can donate lots

TonicAndLotsofGin Thu 06-Jun-19 22:09:16

I've created a clan: Sleepy Madness. Have just left all the defaults so anyone can join at the moment. See how it goes, I can always restrict it later.

MakeLemonade Thu 06-Jun-19 22:43:31

My DH has a clan called Nil Desperandum - there are requirements but he can lower the threshold if you’re not there yet. PM me your username and I can pass it on.

^ this may as well be Dutch to me 😄

rosesandcashmere Fri 07-Jun-19 11:06:50

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

TonicAndLotsofGin Fri 19-Jul-19 11:21:31

@rosesandcashmere have sent you a PM

TonicAndLotsofGin Fri 19-Jul-19 11:31:49

@ItsAGo sent you a PM

TreeSunset Fri 19-Jul-19 16:53:22

Watching in case my clan quietens

TonicAndLotsofGin Sun 15-Mar-20 18:38:45

Just bumping this thread as Sleepy Madness is now actively looking for new members Th10 and above if anyone is looking for a new clan #29qqpqpqp

EmotionalFlood Sat 21-Mar-20 18:30:39

I haven't played since September... may have to pop on and see if my clan has kicked me and my DP or not blush

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