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Is gaming getting in the way of dinnertime?

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JamesC88 Fri 08-Mar-19 11:59:54

Does anyone else find it hard to get the kids around the dinner table on time because of gaming?

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SugaryFreak Sun 12-May-19 06:53:58

Well my son is only 3. He plays games on my phone and tablet. But I'm a gamer myself and I know how hard it is to put a game down when you're really into it.

Like that meme... Girl gamers will become mothers who understand that MMO's can't be paused.

I can try to give you some advice from my perspective. I play alongside my little one. I have taught him all he knows so far, we usually play together, either side by side or giving each other tips. When he asks to play I judge the time and will say something like supper will be ready soon, you can play 1 level then we eat. Or pause your game, let's eat then I'll help you unlock that next plant.

As he gets older, he'll want to play less with me... sad But at least I'll still have someone to talk games with. Engage with them about their gameplay. Make them feel like you're interested in their games, even if you're not fake it. It might make them more willing to take a break with not much resistance.

Soontobe60 Sun 12-May-19 06:59:12

Try taking their devices away?

HappyParent2000 Thu 01-Aug-19 13:49:36

The solution is not to take their devices away but the educate them in time management.

If they want to eat they have to manage their time to do it at a healthy hour. Educate them on the risks and benefits.

If they, knowing the facts, choose a path you don’t agree with then let them try it and review after a while.

You can’t always get your way right now but you may in time.

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