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Keybinding in WoW

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GrapesAreMyJam Fri 18-Jan-19 18:33:45

Hi! Just after some advice as I'm a little clueless.

I got a gaming computer for Christmas, and have never used keybinds before, but thought as I've got a decent gaming mouse as well, I'll give it a go.

Does anyone know any decent guides that can help or does anyone know a bit more than me!

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Azula Sat 19-Jan-19 05:32:41

Personally I like to use 1-5 for my main abilities, Shift 1-5 for offensive cooldowns, WASD for movement, T (with Shift-Alt modifiers) for defensive cooldowns, F (with Shift-Alt modifiers) for interrupts/stuns, G (with Shift-Alt modifiers) for AoE, R (with Shift-Alt modifiers) for combat movement skills, E (with Shift-Alt modifiers) for class-specific abilities, Q for something like Bloodlust, and finally Z for my favourite mount.

Of course, that's just what I feel works best for me so it might not necessarily be for everyone. My advice would be to play around with different keybindings until you find something you're comfortable with. Good luck!

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