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Xbox one X

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user546425732 Sun 28-Oct-18 14:00:53

Teenage DD & DS have an Xbox 1, I guess it's about 5 years old.
I'm thinking of getting them an Xbox one x for their birthday but know nothing about technology or gaming. Is there going to be much advantage in upgrading?

The other problem is DD is going on an expensive school trip in the new year so the main part of her xmas present will be stuff she needs for the trip. DS could have gone but didn't want to. Would it be unreasonable for it to be a shared gift given that DD will be having the (not cheap) stuff for the trip for her Xmas gift? it's too expensive for DS on his own and they would both use it equally.

They would like to have it but they haven't asked for it as they 'know' (think!) it's out of the question. They've given me a birthday wish list totally about £40 each.

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Biker47 Tue 30-Oct-18 19:45:16

Definately worth it if you're using it on a 4K HDR TV. I've just upgraded mine, looks great on my TV. Will be quite an improvement on a standard Xbox One. I upgraded mine from a S though, so only a slight noticeable improvement. Can remember my first regular Xbox One taking a while to load games, the X improve on this quite a bit.

user546425732 Tue 30-Oct-18 20:32:36

We've got a decent tv but it's not 4k - I think we will get a 4k tv in 2-3 years but we've only had our current tv for 2 years so it's not due for replacing any time soon.

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ScrunchyBook Thu 01-Nov-18 11:34:01

Unless you have a 4k TV I wouldn't bother.
I bought my Xbox in Nov 2014 (just checked date on Amazon I couldn't remember) and I use it almost daily and have not even considered replacing it.
I would spend the money (roughly £400??) on something else

Biker47 Thu 08-Nov-18 12:04:20

You'll still notice improvement on a regular HDTV, the frame rate will be a lot more consistent using an X.

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