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Can i play sims 4 on this hp laptop?

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CanYouHearThat Mon 17-Sep-18 15:40:32

My dd desperately wants to play sims 4. My dh (who is clueless, but enthusiastic) spoke to a random salesperson he found online, who sold him the following hp laptop - the HP 15-cd054na.
Can anyone tell me if it is capable of playing the sims4.
I have tried to compare the game spec with the laptop spec, but it may as well be chinese for all the sense it makes to me. Many thanks if anyone can help.

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safariboot Thu 27-Sep-18 20:20:10

I expect so. Hard to find out exactly how good the laptop's graphics are but The Sims 4 has really low system requirements.

WhyDontYouListen Thu 27-Sep-18 20:30:28

Thank you, we've ordered the Sims4 now (we have data caps, so can't download it from origin). Fingers crossed it'll be up to the job, the 14 days to return it will have passed by the time the game will arrive (thank you Amazon and your slow delivery even though it was in stock!).

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