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Getting ripped off by Sony....

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Domino20 Fri 24-Aug-18 01:17:03

My son managed to complete transactions for Fortnite items, via his PS4, despite the fact that I had removed Sony as a pre-approved merchant from my PayPal account. When I saw the transactions on my banking APP I contacted PayPal and sent them a copy of the notice of termination. They immediately refunded the money for transactions made after the date of termination. This refund was taken back from Sony who have suspended the account and the PS network features that go with the PS+. I've been in touch with them numerous times, emailed UK CEO, asked if they belong to an industry body and sent them copies of communication with PayPal which demonstrate that there was no permission for them to complete these transactions. They do not give a flying fuck. My account remains locked, basically being held hostage, until I pay them for the items for which were bought, despite the fact that they had no permission to complete transactions. Is Sony ripping anyone else off like this? Any suggestions of how to proceed? Several weeks ago I was told that the networking team are looking into it but nothing ever happened? They also haven't been able to provide me with any copies of emails that usually are sent when a merchant is added/removed from PayPal yet I do have the email telling me that they had been removed from my PayPal account? Bastards!

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