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Anyone suffer from a lack of adult gaming friends?

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SusieFlo Fri 10-Aug-18 13:09:28

Probably a strange post - I was just wondering if anyone else finds that they have a shortage of adult friends with a similar interest in gaming?

I'm a 40-something mum who games on the PS4 when time allows. Most of my social networking is on Facebook, where I typically interact with people that I know in real life. Alas, I could count the adult gamers that I know on one hand. So if I feel like chatting to fellow enthusiasts about a game, it's a bit like throwing a peanut into a canyon.

I've started joining FB groups for whatever game I'm playing at the time - the only down side of that is getting 1000 posts a day in my feed from teenagers in Moose Jaw, Idaho, comparing the boob size of female NPCs.

Is there a better place to hang out for grown-up gaming chat?

Squidgee Fri 10-Aug-18 13:11:31

I find Discord is a much better platform for gaming, although most of my gaming friends I've met through another hobby and then found out they also game!

JustWantCake Fri 10-Aug-18 13:11:34

I've found getting on Twitter, watching gamers on Twitch and joining the chats there led me to have quite a wide social circle of adult gamers who I met regularly at conventions.

SusieFlo Fri 10-Aug-18 15:01:38

Thanks for the suggestions. I do use Twitter but haven't used it for gamer chat. I am curious about Twitch yet and was completely unaware of Discord.

Does Twitch have chat forums or are there only threads related to someone's live streaming of a game? I must confess I haven't quite got my head around watching other people play games online... what exactly is the draw of that? Isn't it full of game spoilers? My son does it all the time on Youtube - I often wonder why he wouldn't prefer to be playing.

I do watch videos on Youtube when I need a quick how-to guide (e.g. I'm stuck beating a boss or building something complicated in Minecraft)

I probably sound about 95 years old...

safariboot Sat 11-Aug-18 11:30:14

I don't "suffer" because I've found positive communities to be involved in. Generally the game's official forums are a good bet, and Reddit can be good too. Twitch itself isn't designed for ongoing discussion but a lot of Twitch streamers are using Discord for community chat rooms.

Some games have positive communities and others have nasty toxic ones. I feel competitive multiplayer games are more likely to breed toxicity - you win by beating others in-game and some players feel like they're "winning" by insulting and berating other people out of the game. Single-player games are more likely to breed positive communities. And anything that's likely to attract teenage boys is, well, likely to have a community full of teenage boys.

SusieFlo Sun 12-Aug-18 14:22:23

Thanks for the replies. I've now joined Discord and am just starting to fathom how it works (basically have googled invitation links to channels for a handful of games that I play and will see how it goes).

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