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Pokemon Go #18: You ain't nothin' but a Houndoom.

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DoctorTwo Sat 28-Jul-18 10:21:36

Has everybody got Ex Raid passes for next Saturday? Hopefully it'll be another 100% catch rate...

Welcome to the new thread.

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SneakyGremlins Sat 28-Jul-18 10:28:40

I do!

TangelasVine Sat 28-Jul-18 10:48:59

I've never had a pass but don't raid much so not suprised there!

Thanks for the new thread

tiredvommachine Sat 28-Jul-18 10:52:04

I have. First one so big hopes for actually catching it!

WhatToDoAboutWailmerGoneRogue Sat 28-Jul-18 11:59:50

Yeah, got another ex-raid for then but can’t attend unfortunately as working. Oh well, they’ll be plenty of others smile

ContraryToPopularBelief Sat 28-Jul-18 18:21:00

Just checking in to say hi on the new thread. I'm not managing to play as much as I'd like due to the heat here. But I hope you're enjoying your gifts from Cyprus if your my friend.

BouleBaker Sat 28-Jul-18 20:07:02

I actually managed to gift to everyone on my friend list today that I could gift to. Made my first Ultra friend too, 50,000 XP is very useful.

HannahnotAgnes Sat 28-Jul-18 20:50:56

Hi Contrary, think we must be friends as I had a gift from Cyprus today - thank you grin

MrsJamin Sat 28-Jul-18 20:53:32

Finally got mew! He was very hard to catch! Also managed to time becoming an ultra friend right so I got 100xp with my Lucky egg, yay!

TakeAChanseyOnMe Sat 28-Jul-18 21:49:58

@Contrary - I also got s gift from Cyprus, I wondered if someone was on holiday! I’m psychick.

WhatToDoAboutWailmerGoneRogue Sat 28-Jul-18 21:51:28

Made my first Ultra friend too, 50,000 XP is very useful.

BouleBaker If you know you’ll be turning ultra friends with someone, you should put a lucky egg on to get 100,000 XP.

OhLookHeKickedTheBall Sun 29-Jul-18 12:50:38

No ex raid passes here, but raiding isn't something I get the opportunity to do all that often sad

SneakyGremlins Sun 29-Jul-18 16:21:33

Getting close to 9 10km eggs!

tiredvommachine Sun 29-Jul-18 17:38:51

I wish we could bin unwanted eggs, frustrates the hell out of me that I can't open gifts because I have no egg spaces angry

HannahnotAgnes Sun 29-Jul-18 18:55:44

I hate the 7k gift eggs - so far mine have all been duds, unless there's something special about purple meows? I only open gifts when I have no spaces so that I don't get one of those!

HannahnotAgnes Sun 29-Jul-18 18:55:59


Summernamechange Sun 29-Jul-18 18:59:17

Bored of the 7k eggs now - it’s all I have. I want normal eggs again.

After months and months of trying to get a ditto - I caught 2 in one day!

TakeAChanseyOnMe Sun 29-Jul-18 20:02:54

Someone ruined the blue theme. grin (wasn’t me!)

LBOCS2 Sun 29-Jul-18 20:06:20

I know, we had a pink themed gym at my local station and I came back from work and someone had put a tyranitar in there 🙄

No ex-raid pass. I'm very excited about a) the new special tasks boss from August 1st, and b) the rumours about Gen4 landing soon as I've been saving candies for all my evolutions for AGES!

LBOCS2 Sun 29-Jul-18 20:07:19

Pink gym. Tyranitar was very out of place.

Izzy09 Sun 29-Jul-18 20:57:38

Any tips on how to throw an excellent curveball would be appreciated.I can’t even throw a rubbish one and I want to catch that Mew 😂

HannahnotAgnes Sun 29-Jul-18 21:02:36

I need that tip too Izzy - still desperate to be able to throw an excellent curveball!

LBOCS2 Sun 29-Jul-18 21:05:09

Choose big Pokémon. Their 'excellent' ring is bigger. Wailmer are a good bet.

LumpySpacedPrincess Mon 30-Jul-18 08:49:28

Oooo shiny thread, nice.

Dd reckons there is a biiiig update comin'

Double XP, gen 4 etc. Hope she's right, I'm off for a few weeks so would really be able to get out and about.

I'm waiting for my second vulpix from 7k eggs then I'm done with them.

bettytaghetti Mon 30-Jul-18 10:20:36

Like the new title Doctor!

Another one with an ex pass for next week but can't make it. At least it's due to going on holiday, so can't complain!
All of us who attended Friday's got absolutely soaked! Wonder how popular it will remain once the weather deteriorates.

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