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Nintendo switch

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SuperPug Fri 10-Aug-18 20:08:00

I'm using the assist mode on some parts of Mario Odyssey and still finding it tricky.blush
There's some nice games to play together like Go Vacation.

OreliaRoc Fri 10-Aug-18 20:06:28

Yonder the cloud catcher chronicles is very much like a simplified more cartoony version of Zelda. There's no combat, an open world to explore, animals to make friends with and little sprite things to find and other quests to do from NPCs. My six year old niece loves it and can play it on her own with occasional help to read instructions etc.
Also I would second Mario Kart.

LinkListen Sun 29-Jul-18 15:05:42

Mario Odyssey has an easy mode for young ones. Mario Kart has a mode to make racing easier also and is great fun, my youngest also loves Kirby. Splatoon 2 is one of our faves. I love zelda but it would be too difficult for a 5yo. Quick post as I'm busy but anything you want to know just ask as I'm Nintendo mad

itsbritneybiatch Thu 19-Jul-18 21:51:21

Will she be able to play that at five? I know nothing except guitar hero!

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AC14MUZ Thu 19-Jul-18 20:22:51

Zelda is a really lovely game, I watched my husband play it when he first got his switch, I'm not a gamer myself but if I were I'd play that. Hope your daughter enjoys her switch!

itsbritneybiatch Thu 19-Jul-18 20:21:01

Hi all

My five year old is getting a switch for her birthday.

Can anyone recommend what games would be suitable please?



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