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Fortnite- battle pass paid for twice!

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dontknowwhattodo80 Thu 19-Jul-18 13:13:48


DS went to pay for the new battle pass last week. He used his osper card to pay for it. However whilst you could see the money had gone from the Osper, he didn't get the battle pass.

We left it for 24 hours in the hope it would right itself, but it didn't. Money still taken out of account, but no battle pass.

So DS tried again, and this time it worked, however obviously this meant he'd paid double. I sent an email and have been told that a refund will not happen as it's a "consumable" and so he can't have his money back. Yes we've got the battle pass, but paid twice for it!

I know we should have waited to pay again but I'm really cross about it!

What can we do now?

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dontknowwhattodo80 Fri 20-Jul-18 14:38:57


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Domino20 Fri 24-Aug-18 00:58:49

Did you buy it in a PS4?

Domino20 Fri 24-Aug-18 00:59:02

*on NOT in

dontknowwhattodo80 Fri 24-Aug-18 09:57:44

I did thanks @Domino20 , it's all sorted now ( we got a refund)

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Domino20 Fri 24-Aug-18 20:54:19

Gah, the holy grail, a refund from Sony!!

Megamum05 Fri 21-Sep-18 10:32:17

Fort nite is the devils equivalent of sex

SharonHatesComputerGames123 Mon 03-Dec-18 18:56:19

Message deleted by MNHQ. Here's a link to our Talk Guidelines.

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