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Favourite PS1/PS2 games?

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schoty77 Thu 05-Jul-18 22:59:05

I loved The Sims, Crash Bandicoot (1, Warped, CTR), Tomb Raider, Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets (ps2 version), Singstar Pop, Tekken 5 and Super Bust a Move.

HopeAndJoy16 Thu 05-Jul-18 23:02:45

I loved tomb raider (think i had TR2)! I also loved Tomorrow Never Dies and i had a snowboarding game too all on PS1. Also Worms was the best multiplayer game! I became a bit obsessed with the Sims at one point, but had that as a pc game.

schoty77 Thu 05-Jul-18 23:06:54

Was it SSX? I loved the third one. Completely forgot that existed!

DaffoDeffo Thu 05-Jul-18 23:06:57

I had gran turismo for the ps1 and 2. Loved it

OhYouBadBadKitten Thu 05-Jul-18 23:12:55

Spyro and Ratchet and Clank.

springmachine Fri 06-Jul-18 06:57:25

Little big planet

Tomb raider


Grand theft auto

SusieFlo Tue 10-Jul-18 14:06:50

All of the Tomb Raider games - my first real gaming love! Even while cursing Lara for missing a jump by 1 pixel.

Also loved the Resident Evil and Silent Hill games.

safariboot Sat 11-Aug-18 11:37:14

Final Fantasy 7, 8, 9, and 10.

Kingdom Hearts. 1 and 2.

Grand Theft Auto 2, 3, Vice City, San Andreas.

The Gran Turismo series. Think I only played 1 and 4.

Metal Gear Solid. I pestered my mum so much to buy me that!

Terracon was really good fun, an interesting third-person shooter with puzzley aspects.

MeetMeInMontauk Sun 12-Aug-18 08:12:08

Massive (MASSIVE) Tomb Raider nerd here, but also loved Silent Hill and Metal Gear Solid for PS1. For PS2 - and in fact my favourite game ever - it is undoubtedly Silent Hill 2.

Wristy Sun 12-Aug-18 10:43:32

Yes, SSX tricky!! I loved that. All the final fantasies and the tomb raiders. I think Tekken 3 was my fave in the series. It had a crazy beach ball game where you could pass it back and forth with attacks and if you kept the rally going it turned into a ball of fire which killed you instantly.

I remember a game called Shadow of Memories that I played too. Loads of random ones that stick in my head. Primal with voices from Sean Pertwee and Hudson Leick.

Ico and Shadow of the Colossus. I’ve just finished the Last Guardian on PS4.

I could go on all day, I’m going to stop now!

starkid Sun 12-Aug-18 13:11:43

I was more of a Nintendo girl, but my brother and friends had Playstations so these are ones I pkayed with them:

PS1 - Tomb Raider, Casper, Spyro, Hercules, Crash Bandicoot, Harry Potter and the Philosophers Stone, The Lion King, WWF Smackdown, Worms Armageddon. I used to like watching my brother play Command and Conquer

PS2- Timesplitters, Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets, Crazy Taxi, Lego games,

MothertotheLordsofmisrule Sat 25-Aug-18 10:02:12

Hogs of war, crash bandicoot, Worms.

But mostly DOOM.
And more DOOM.

twinkl3 Thu 30-Aug-18 17:43:06

Medievil hands down! X

pattyhoo Sat 10-Nov-18 18:47:39

Tony Hawk!

SneakyGremlins Sat 10-Nov-18 18:52:41

Crash Bandicoot: Wrath of Cortex.

Still can't beat it sad

NotACleverName Sun 11-Nov-18 09:37:21

Spyro The Dragon! I am so very excited for the release of the remaster on Tuesday.

DerelictWreck Sun 11-Nov-18 09:46:28

James Bond Nightfire, SSX Tricky, Family Guy and Simpson's!

Also loved ratchet clank and they have re-released it on PS4 so might start that today!

BadgersBiggestFan Sun 11-Nov-18 19:12:44

How has no one said Rayman?!

HenSolo Sun 11-Nov-18 19:19:59

Still utterly bonkers about final fantasy 7 😁

makingchxnges Sun 11-Nov-18 19:44:58


GTA 3 and Vice City
Crash Bandicoot and the Wrath of Cortex
The Sims
Harry Potter (hate the Lego HP sad )

Still have a PS2 and play all my old favourites

n0ne Sun 11-Nov-18 19:52:59

Puzzle Bobble, Bust-a-Groove, Baldur's Gate, MarioKart - there was also one I really liked with a kind of beachball rolling around a floating 3D track but I don't remember the name. And another racing one where you floated above the track?

n0ne Sun 11-Nov-18 19:55:46

Oh yes, and Final Fantasy 7! And Resident Evil

GrapesAreMyJam Sun 11-Nov-18 20:51:34

Spyro! Can't wait for Tuesday!

winterhappiness Fri 16-Nov-18 11:40:35

Simpson's hit and run

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