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Any FNAF fans on here?

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LouiseEH Wed 27-Jun-18 20:39:54

Just that really? If so are you watching Matpat and Steph now?

I’m watching right now and it seems seriously impossible, I hope Markiplier plays it when he’s ready to.

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Nerdykitkat123 Sun 08-Jul-18 20:37:07

Yeah I used to be a fan but lost all intrest after sister location. I honestly didn't know that more had come out since.

Ive always liked the idea of the game but never brought them. Instead I used to watch Markiplier, Jacksepticeye and Matpat tackel it. Out of that list I only watch Jacksepticeye now.

I bet the king of fnaf will play it to keep his crown though smile

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