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Fifa 18 - is a PS4 necessary?

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cheethaz Sun 06-May-18 09:03:01

Total eejit about all this stuff so please help! My son (turning 9) wants a PS4 for his birthday. This is so he can play fifa18 - he's got no interest in anything else as far as games go. I wouldn't let him connect with any kind of online community at this stage and for the foreseeable future, but his pal at school does have a PS4 also and so if it were possible for them to play each other remotely I'd be fine with that.
Do we really need to invest in the PS4 to make all this happen for him or might be better off buying a good family PC that lives downstairs and then buying the kit for that? Or is all the extra kit to make it work on a PC, such as the console etc. going to more or less cost the same as a PS4 in the first place.
He's got 2 sisters who are not particularly interested in computer games so he'd really be the only kid we're buying it for and it feels a bit steep for that one game...
Thanks in advance!

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WiseOldElfIsNick Wed 09-May-18 23:35:41

Ok, so a PS4 is not required to play Fifa 18. It's available on several platforms including on PC. So, if it makes more sense as a family to have a PC which can be used for other things as well, then that's probably your best bet. All you would need is a PC and a copy of the game as a minimum. A possible addition would be a gamepad to play on as that's going to be far better than using a keyboard to control it.

Couple of things to bear in mind though. You cannot play against someone else online if they have the game on a different platform, so a PC user cannot play against a PS4 user. To play online on a PS4 you have to pay for a subscription service to use the online facilities.

Hope that helps.

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