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Manchester, Dungeons and Dragons

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redthefraggle Thu 07-Dec-17 16:58:17

Hi All

I know this is a bit niche but was wondering if anyone here can help me out.

My husband's collegue re-located to Manchester a few months ago and, while they love the job, they're missing friends, family etc. They were big D&D gamers at home but can't seem to find any group to join in Manchester/Salford. I've looked on Google and the only one I could find there seems to have gone defunct about 4 years ago. FB doesn't seem to be much help either, so I was wondering if the lovely folks of Mumsnet could help?

I know all too well what it's like to be young and re-locate to a new area doing a job with anti-social hours, so I'd quite like to help them out in this if I can, especially as they're living with a collegue, don't know anyone outside of work and so can never seem to get away from it.


SteamTrainsRealAleandOpenFires Sat 09-Dec-17 13:30:09

Maybe Games Workshops can help?.

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