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Star Wars : Battlefront II - Gambling for kids.

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TheGeordie Thu 16-Nov-17 10:06:38

No doubt this will be at the top of the Xmas list for your young ones this Xmas.

Just so you're aware though, the game has been heavily criticized because of it's push towards a gambling system involving real money called "loot crates"

to the point where gambling commissions of various countries are now actively investigating it:

The game has been absolutely slammed because it's thrown every trick in the book designed to extract more cash out of you (when the title itself costs £50 to buy).

This is something you may have missed if you don't actively follow gaming (there's a reason they've picked a new star wars game to try all this stuff out) so consider this a public service announcement.

Please investigate games you buy for your kids, even if it's things like Star Wars.

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MetalMidget Fri 17-Nov-17 09:40:07

They've switched off the micro transactions... for now.

Hopefully it'll be a full rework of the system, and not just waiting for the fuss to die down. Buying a full price game and finding out progression is heavily based towards iaps and slot machine loot boxes is fucking awful for everyone, but particularly for naive kids and their often equally naive parents.

EA are a massive shower of bastards, still haven't forgiven them for ruining Command and Conquer.

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