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Xbox one S or Nintendo switch for DC's for Christmas?

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Theblueplanet Mon 13-Nov-17 15:25:06

The DC's (10 and 8) are pretty keen on getting some sort of console for Christmas but we are all clueless as to what would be best!

They have tablets and laptops available to them so just want to play a few games - things they have mentioned are Forza, Just Dance, Lego and Minecraft.

Any suggestions as to what might be best for them?

Thanks in advance

MilkTwoSugarsThanks Mon 13-Nov-17 15:26:00

I wouldn't bother with the Switch tbh.

TrojansAreSmegheads Mon 13-Nov-17 16:00:19

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Theblueplanet Mon 13-Nov-17 16:17:11

My worry is that the DC only want the switch because it's the newest thing! We don't really need a handheld console thingy and I'm guessing the range of games available is more limited.

DontAskIDontKnow Mon 13-Nov-17 16:25:41

The switch is great, but it might not have some of the big games. You’re best to ask them what they want to do with it.

If they want to go online and play against their friends, then you might want to look at what their friends have.

If they want to play games, then a switch will be great. It doesn’t have to be used as a portable.

ImCatbug Mon 13-Nov-17 16:33:54

If they want Forza then you need an Xbox One, it’s only available on the Xbox.
The Switch is a neat little console but lacking in games a bit still. You can play 2 player on it (Lego, racing games, just dance) but the controllers are very small and not great for long gaming sessions (playing 1 player for a long time is easy still).
The Xbox One is a much better console for 2 player gaming, has all the games you listed available, and you can get one for cheaper than the Switch (a brand new 500GB Xbox One S with at least one game is about £200, a brand new Switch with no games is about £270). You will need to purchase and additional controller for the Xbox and it only comes with one, and an extra one is about £40-60, but it still works out cheaper than the Switch. Plus the Xbox is backwards compatible so you can play Xbox One games and a lot of Xbox 360 games on it, meaning there’s a lot more game choice.

NewtsSuitcase Mon 13-Nov-17 16:34:50


I know it wasn't on your list!

Ohyesiam Mon 13-Nov-17 16:46:00

I've just been research the wii u. There see quite good descriptions of all the systems on Wikipedia.

nooka Mon 13-Nov-17 16:59:50

Sony have won this round of the console wars so I'd buy a PS4 unless there is a specific game that they are likely to play a lot which is only available on the XBox. We have all of the last set (WiiU, PS3 and XBox360) but only the PS4 from this round and we've not missed on anything. The switch is growing in popularity but doesn't have the games yet (and may never do). Bear in mind that if you get the newest console you'll be paying top prices for games, which are ridiculously expensive.

Theblueplanet Mon 13-Nov-17 17:06:07

Thanks everyone. This is mega useful!

I'm verging towards the X-box as Forza is such a big deal for car mad DS.

The DC would be thrilled with either and easily persuaded of the merits of one over the other. The x box has been on their radar for a long time and while I appreciate the PS4 may be the much better console, I think the x-box will easily fulfil our gaming needs for the next few years. By then, I'm sure the DC will know exactly what they want!

Any X box game recommendations would be gratefully received..

ImCatbug Mon 13-Nov-17 17:26:27

I don’t agree the the PS4 is better than the Xbox One (and I have had both for years!)
Xbox has an easier user interface and is better for media (YouTube, Netflix) and easier to switch between apps.
Backwards compatibility means more games available.
For online play Xbox Live is cheaper than PSPlus (Sony have raised all their prices).
Easier to add hard drives for extra space on Xbox (though they’ve quite recently tried to catch up on PS4 with this).
Only thing better on PS4 is controllers are default rechargeable and some people find them easier to hold.

Ohyes I wouldn’t recommend a WiiU unless your kids are not going to want any newly released games, the console has been discontinued and is only really available second hand and they will not release any new games for it at all. Switch is much better if you’re looking at a Nintendo console.

(Btw I work at a games store so it is literally my job to know everything about these consoles and games, plus I own and play all of them, so i’m not just talking out my arse about them grin)

ImCatbug Mon 13-Nov-17 17:38:52

For Xbox One recommendations:

Lego games. There’s Lego marvel, Avengers, Star Wars, Jurassic World, Batman etc. All are great games, depends really on what kind of movies/stuff your kids are into. Can be played 2 player.

Minecraft is a must. Usually cheap (under £20) and is super huge open world game. Can be played 2 player.

Forza if they like racing, but there are different games depending on which type of racing they want. Forza motorsport is the original proper racing-on-tracks game with sports cars, with Forza 7 being the newest release. Forza Horizon (3 is the newest) is more off-road, open world racing, so dirt tracks and deserts and jungles etc.

If they like football, Fifa. If they like basketball, NBA. If they like hockey, NHL. If they like American football, Madden. 18 is the newest for all of these.

There are a lot of downloadable smaller ‘indie’ games too that are great fun, like Cuphead and Ori and the Blind Forest. These need to be bought as codes in a shop or on the Xbox store on the console (you’ll either need to add a credit/debit card or buy credit vouchers in a store to buy them on a console)

Theblueplanet Mon 13-Nov-17 18:01:12

Wow, thanks ImCatbug that info is brilliant. I was thinking I'd have to venture into a shop and ask about these things but was worried I'd be shown up for the Luddite than I am!

I think I'll wait for Black Friday to see what deals are available for an XBox

ImCatbug Mon 13-Nov-17 19:35:00

You’re welcome!
Don’t be scared to go into a store, the staff will be very used to helping people who have no idea about any of it (especially around Christmas!) and will be happy to explain it all. It’s super confusing even for people who are into games 😂

SaltySeaBird Mon 13-Nov-17 19:45:35

ImCatbug can I ask some advice please too!

We were thinking of getting a Switch as a family gift but I’m not sure if it wouldn’t just be a huge waste of money as we aren’t gamers. DH thinks it will have longevity.

We have an ancient original Wii that 5.5 year old DD plays MarioKart on. She is pretty good at it. We have a 2 year old DS so in time I suspect he will play.

I haven’t played a computer game for about 8-10 years but did finish all the N64 Zelda games and the two on the Wii. DH plays FIFA about once a month on our XBox 360 that we brought off a friend years ago as a DVD and media player.

Can he get a new FIFA on the Switch? We were thinking he would have that, I’d get the Zelda one and the children can have Mario Kart. Or are we considering totally the wrong console?

I guess it’s not backward compatible (didn’t seem to be from what I read).

Is the new MarioKart much different?

ImCatbug Mon 13-Nov-17 20:31:19

Salty I think the Switch would be worth it for you. You can get Fifa 18 on it, yes, and you can play it on the tv or handheld. You can also buy a pro controller for the Switch (rather than using the joycon controllers that are included) that is very similar to an Xbox controller, so if your DH is used to playing Fifa on Xbox it won’t be too much different (the pro controller is an extra £65, but you can get a cheaper wired one for like £25 I think).

Mario Kart 8 Deluxe is the one on the Switch, it’s a complete version of the one originally on the WiiU so is different to the one you’ll have on the Wii BUT it does have levels from the Wii version so your DD will have some familiar tracks and some new ones. You can play one player again using the normal controls, or if she’s used to playing using the Wii controller and moving it like a wheel (motion controls) you can also do the same with the Switch.

The new Zelda is AMAZING and if you’ve liked previous ones I highly recommend it, I bought my Switch on release just to play Zelda. It is a huge game so will give you many, many hours of play time.

There are a few other fun ‘family’ games like 1-2 Switch which are pretty good for younger kids because they’re based on motion controls instead of buttons if that makes sense?

It’s not backwards compatible because the games are on tiny cartridges instead of discs but you can get a lot of older Nintendo games from the store on the console and download them. You can also download minecraft on there, which is great for kids.

SaltySeaBird Mon 13-Nov-17 23:28:56

Thank you - very handy to know that the FIFA game will feel similar to the Xbox version as that was a big concern for DH.

LoveLoveLovLoveMeDo Mon 13-Nov-17 23:41:09

Don't forget that the switch can be played without a tv which may be a big deal if you have only one tv.
It is portable as well.

pancakesfortea Mon 13-Nov-17 23:53:08

Switch has been a massive hit in our house. It really does work as both a mobile and a plug-into-the-telly system. We also have a PS4. No one has asked for the new X box. (We have a 360 but you can't get new games for that anymore).

SaltySeaBird Tue 14-Nov-17 07:25:18

Ahh reading reviews FIFA 18 is missing a lot on the Switch:

The Journey single-player story mode is absent and career mode lacks elements such as transfer negations.

Really not sure what to do!

ImCatbug Tue 14-Nov-17 14:56:33

Salty those things are missing from the Xbox 360 and PS3 versions too so you can only get them if you get an Xbox One or PS4

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