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Sims 4 Cats & Dogs

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ownedbySWD Sat 11-Nov-17 11:12:22

Yes, the expansion pack is the same price as the game itself! Cough cough splutter.

DH will wait until it goes on sale, but I am keen to know if it's any good? Anyone tried it yet?

Glittermonster17 Sat 11-Nov-17 17:06:48

I am just downloading it now!

ownedbySWD Sat 11-Nov-17 19:56:51

Ooh! Would love a review when you get the chance. smile

Glittermonster17 Sat 11-Nov-17 21:31:41

It is good, bit of a shame you can't actually control the animals...only interact with them. I think it would be better if you could also command them to do different things. There's lots of new things and you can now buy and run a vets along with loads of new hairstyles/outfits etc. But overall I like it so far! Very pricey though!

glow1984 Sat 11-Nov-17 21:33:24

I like it so far but only did a few hours gameplay. I can’t wait to try out the vet clinic! My sister and I share her origin account so we split the cost..

StealingYourWiFi Sat 11-Nov-17 21:34:03

What computer is good for running The Sims? I have a Macbook Air which isn't great. Fan kicks off about 10 minutes in and is loudly distracting. Even DPs brand new Alienware gaming PC struggles with it!

Glittermonster17 Sat 11-Nov-17 22:03:02

Mine is a very very old windows vista system. Takes about an hour to turn on haha! Can I ask how old everyone is? I'm just intrigued to know if we are similar ages? I'm 26 x

cakesandphotos Sat 11-Nov-17 22:04:36

Ooh I forgot that was coming out this month! DH wants the new MARIO game for the switch so we might be able to come to a compromise smile

StealingYourWiFi Sun 12-Nov-17 11:41:11

I’m 29. Grew up with the game. The Sims 1 and 2 I had to play at my grandparents house as I didn’t have my own PC. I used to stay there on a weekend and spend all day playing whilst my DG bought me Heinz beans microwave pizzas grin

Still not completely sold on 4 although I love going to work with them!

mummyhaschangedhername Mon 20-Nov-17 21:53:05

I am still figuring out the sims 4 game .. playing on MacBook Pro 2017, no problems. Cats and dogs looks Great though.

Iamthenavigator Thu 23-Nov-17 16:19:28

I am shocked at the price! Not willing to pay full price so am waiting for a code sad I am 36 and have played it for 17 years grin My favourite has to be sims 2 and all of its extensions and stuff packs, i wasted so many years playing that one. I have been trying to find reviews from normal gamer's for this extension pack.

CBAforThis Thu 04-Jan-18 17:27:55

I've found my people!!

I'm 24, and feel absolutely lame that I still play. I only have Sims 4 (the deluxe version) and city life (which I don't really use, don't know why I wasted my money).

I had sims 2 pets back in the day and until the price drops (probably when sims 5 comes out) I won't be paying for it.

This years NY I've tried to cut down my time playing Sims. Ie I cannot wake up and decide to play for an hour as that's a whole day gone.

DianaPrincessOfThemyscira Mon 08-Jan-18 01:25:10

@CBAforThis I have City Life and it’s my favourite! I’ve downloaded almost everything since Black Friday when everything went on sale and have played....well, a lot since then!

I’m 35 with a family and a full time job blush. I hope they bring out University expansion next. I bought the Pets one and am not bothered really.

If anyone wants a friend I’m CaveJohnson 82 smile

GoldilocksAndTheThreePears Mon 08-Jan-18 22:05:06

In the recent Steam sale you could've got Sims 3 and all expansions and packs and everything- for over £110! In a sale! I always wait for sale prices on Sims 4 stuff, it's so expensive, but I'm a very dedicated downloader of player-made items and clothing. I'm looking forward to seeing more about the 2 new things coming out, a stuff pack and a game pack just announced. I don't have pets one though as it doesn't interest me, I'm hoping for university and seasons packs!

DianaPrincessOfThemyscira Tue 09-Jan-18 14:58:56

I HAD all the Sims 3 stuff and deleted it all Goldilocks! grin I had so much CC (and the games are massive compared to Sims 4) that it just wasn’t fun to play anymore as it was taking so long to load. I’m really enjoying Sims 4 as a replacement though. I had a go when it first came out and wasn’t keen but it hasn’t taken long to develop an unhealthy obsession with it blush

I agree, I want University and Seasons next smile

GoldilocksAndTheThreePears Tue 09-Jan-18 16:15:42

Diana I see youtubers really struggle to load, play, and record Sims 3 but have no issue with 4, even with no CC involved. It's weird, like Sims 3 just got way too big for it's boots! But then I see this expansion or that and think I'd like to try, oh and this one, oh and another. I could never rebuy Sims 3 as itd bankrupt me!

I don't know if anyone else on here does this but I really enjoy some of the challenges people make for Sims 4. Runaway teen for example, start on a blank lot with a teen and no money and work your way up til the goal of owning a one bedroom, one bathroom, one living room house fully decorated and be a married young adult. You end up showering in gyms and fishing for money! And more complex ones like asylum challenge, the rules state how many beds and what furniture there can be, the traits of the sims (all with insanity!) and you have to meet the goals to win without them all dying.

DianaPrincessOfThemyscira Tue 09-Jan-18 18:44:51

I’ve not really delved into those much - I tried the 100 baby challenge but lost it in a crash. I prefer watching than doing the challenges tho tbh as I simply cannot play a bad character! In any game I really struggle with the ‘bad’ choices.

However, I’m pissed off because my bastard laptop has decided to break so I can’t play at all angry

CBAforThis Wed 10-Jan-18 00:06:59

diana I've added you the first friend I have on Origin I'm Anbr11

I've somewhat created my own challenge of a weird cult.

I started off with three base families of 8 members. When the kids get to adults they move out with the teens and the families keep on 'breeding'. One family I have has nearly 20 children, somewhat inspired by fundermentalist Christians like the duggars. The woman don't work but do things in the house like cooking/childcare gardening/painting/digging. While the main man who's head of the household goes around getting as many women as possible pregnant. Essentially I wanted my worlds just to be filled with my cultish sims but other ones kept popping up. I also don't use motherlode so all of my sims are living in poverty/mad the whole time.

I'd love a religion expansion pack (but that's just because I've always seemed to have made weird cult sims since being a kid). Open for business has to be my overall favourite expansion pack from sims 2, I never got into sims 3 but liking sims 4 apart from not being able to customise the neighbourhoods that much.

DianaPrincessOfThemyscira Wed 10-Jan-18 09:43:21

Yay my first friend! smile

Your cult sounds brilliant - I might give that a go myself.

As I have all the expansions apart from Vampires I just deleted a bunch of buildings a didn’t like and added my own. I think the world that comes with Dine Out is pretty empty though. I do have one save which is purely for me to build and create Sims though.

DianaPrincessOfThemyscira Wed 10-Jan-18 17:54:24

Laptop so far playing ball so I’ve added you CBA smile

Wigglywigglywooo Sun 14-Jan-18 11:12:14

Oohhh didn’t know you could add people? What happens when you do this?
Also where do you find the challenges and what do you get for them? X

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