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On line gaming scam

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fingersandthumbs Mon 06-Nov-17 12:44:22

Previously posted in Chat as I hadn't realised there was a gaming forum.

Is there a TV program or website that is similar to Watchdog but is aimed at younger people or people who are online gamers?

My son was scammed last night by someone on a gaming market place site and has lost several years worth of experience points and birthday and Christmas money that he had "invested" in the game. It comes to approx £180.00. They were very clever and like most scammers came across as very legit.

It has been flagged with the game but unfortunately there is nothing their support team can do other than sympathize. Whoever did this used a number of proxy servers and their profile in the game was rated as trusted etc.

Action Fraud aren't interested but we wondered if there was a site where details could be logged so that hopefully someone else isn't caught out in the same way.

Any suggestions?

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