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Nintendo Switch active games?

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PickleSarnie Sun 29-Oct-17 09:45:40

I should probably start but saying I'm not a gamer. Probably haven't played a computer game since Manic Miner on my Spectrum 48K back in the 80s. But my 7 year old has been banging on about getting a console for Christmas. He wants a Nintendo DS but I'd like something a bit more inclusive i.e. something he can play with his brother, friends and us.

I like the idea of a Nintendo Switch because i thought there were lots of active games where you're jumping and moving around with the controllers. That's what the adverts for it look like at least but I can't actually find any games that look active.

Which games would involve getting off the sofa? And any you'd recommend?

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Biker47 Tue 31-Oct-17 08:34:07

Bit of movement in Arms, and 1-2 Switch, and Just Dance. The motion control thing is a dying gimmick Nintendo are still trying to persist with after the success of the Wii, they'll probably try incorporate it into their first party titles as much as they can, I think few third party developers will be using it much though.

PickleSarnie Tue 31-Oct-17 10:34:17

Thanks Biker. I was a bit afraid that the whole motion control might be a gimmick - it seems strange than Microsoft have dropped it when they previously did the 360. We have an antiquated Wii which is such a faff to set up and hope things would improve with the switch.

I might just give in to his request for a
DS2 after all!

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JigglyTuff Tue 31-Oct-17 10:40:23

1-2 switch games involve getting off the sofa but they’re not great really.

But there are lots of coop multi player games which there aren’t on the DS

Flomper Fri 10-Nov-17 11:19:37

my kids love Arms, and they drip with sweat after playing it! It really hurts my arms after olaying awhile. Mario kart 8 also gets them up and moving around for sone reason, even though its not really part of the game. They love Just Dance too.

The switch is definitely the most actuve of the consoles available at the moment I think. We also have a ps4 and that involves my teenager lying in a prone position, barely moving for hours at a time .. Also you can take the switch out with you so they can at least play in the car on the way to do something active etc

Really though gaming is fundamentally more cerebral I think, which is no bad thing, teaches problem solving etc, so you just have to be strict about time spent on them (gets harder as they get older!)

Flomper Fri 10-Nov-17 11:21:28

the switch has superceded the DS in our hoyse, they rarely touch them now and olay much more cooperatively on the switch. You can easily play 2 or 4 player with one switch, in or out of the home (up to 8 players if you have enough controllers, it comes with 2)

JapaneseTea Sat 23-Dec-17 10:36:52

Switch is fab and if you get a driving game then it’s fun for adults too.

Going to get just dance today - can’t wait!

JapaneseTea Sat 23-Dec-17 10:37:32

Oh and ds7 broke a sofa by bouncing on it out of excitement so very active!

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