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PS4 or Xbox1 S

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tangerino Sun 17-Sep-17 07:13:09


First, apologies- I know nothing about gaming but thought you might be able to advise me.

I want to buy my kids a new console for Christmas. It will mainly be used for FIFA 18 and Mjnecraft. They currently have an Xbox 360 but my understanding is that this only allows limited options for FIFA 18, whereas the ones above let you do everything.

Any views on which we should get would be great. In particular, is either of them about to be replaced by a newer version?

Raizel Sun 17-Sep-17 07:51:45

Wow with my friends this would be an hours long debate as we are all into gaming.

I have both an Xbox one and a PS4 and there is very little difference in quality between them.

Things I would consider before buying one are:

Does he play online with his friends? If he does and all his friends have an Xbox and you get him a PS4 he wouldn't be able to play against them.

Does he himself have a preference? You already have an Xbox and a change to PS4 would mean the controllers are completely different which can be hard to get used to and also some games are only available on certain consoles Fifa would be fine because it is on both but some are console specific so it would depend on what other games he likes as well.

Yes you are right on the Xbox 360, PS3 and Nintendo switch those versions of FIFA don't have the same games modes and are dumbed down versions but with the PS4 and Xbox one both are the full versions with everything on so both would be fine.

I notice you say Xbox one s now that is the latest Xbox console coming out, it is a more powerful version of the Xbox one but only really comes into its own if you have a 4K tv otherwise a cheaper alternative would be to get an original Xbox one they do the same thing play the same games but is just an older model.

I hope this was slightly helpful it is a hard call but before you switch from Xbox to PlayStation I would gauge which one your son likes more first.

But on the question of FIFA just to reiterate as long as you get a PS4 version or an Xbox one version both are the proper games with all game modes available.

tangerino Tue 19-Sep-17 09:39:42

That's really helpful- thank you!

Biker47 Fri 22-Sep-17 16:40:57

If they already have a 360, some of those games may be able to be played on the an Xbox One as well, due to backwards compatability, not all games work on it though, more are added each month though.

lagspike79 Fri 20-Oct-17 10:27:28

It's worth mentioning that the Xbox One S is an upgraded version of the original Xbox One console - so to compare it with the PS4 entry-level machine is a bit unfair (technically speaking, it's not obvious to new gamers!). A better comparison would be with the PS4 Pro, as this is Sony's answer for 4K/Ultra HD gaming. Both can output at 4K resolution (much higher than traditional "Full HD", i.e. 1080p), but the PS4 Pro produces native 4K, while the Xbox One S upscales its games to 4K (using software to "estimate" the pixels it needs to fill the 4K TV rather than actually producing that many).

Here's an excellent run-down of the two consoles:

Bear in mind, if you're sold on an Xbox or Microsoft's console in general, that the Xbox One X is coming out very soon (November 7 I think). You may wish to check out the specs for that console, too. {:¬)

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