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How can I enable DS to catch pokemon in the 'wild' please?

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yoohooitsme Tue 08-Aug-17 09:31:17

Apols for not knowing the terminology.

Is there an affordable device/data plan that I can get for DS's birthday to let him go pikeman hunting with his dad please? Budget absolute max £200 but prefer much less if possible.

In the house we have a kindle fire kids edition and an iPad air with nice bumper cushions, but no sim slot on the iPad, and no idea how to get this app on the kindle though it does have a sim slot so maybe a sim with data plan could do it?

I'm lost.

Here is the reason why -

DS has a birthday coming up and he is big style into Pokemon as of this summer hols.

I am (mostly) happy about this because it makes for much longer and more interesting dog walks with an excited to collect pokeballs DS rather than one looking to avoid walking with us. DH and I have it on our phones< lend mine to DS and all is good for them - BUT I DON'T HAVE MY PHONE WHEN THEY ARE PLAYING SO IT COUNTS DS STEPS NOT MINE and they want to go out together now too.

Any advice appreciated.

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dementedpixie Tue 08-Aug-17 18:18:56

Ypu could take the iPad and tether it to the phone so it uses the phone data rather than trying to get a SIM for it.

Or get a compatible phone and either get a SIM card or again tether it to your dhs phone so it uses his data

WhatToDoAboutThis2017 Wed 09-Aug-17 00:30:55

You need a good phone to play Pokemon Go on; it's a high powered game that just crashes on a lot of phones (we had iPhone 5s that were just awful to play it on, so we got iPhone 6s and it plays like a dream).

You could do as pp suggested and tether the iPad, but it is very bulky to be walking around with and not conducive to relaxing game play I found (tried it when the game was new and our phones were crap).

You can't get Pokemon Go on the kindle fire (at least not in an easy, legit kind of way anyway).

yoohooitsme Wed 09-Aug-17 15:00:52

Thank you we tried tethering to DH phone from the iPad with apparently poor results DH thinks maybe a gps issue. Who knows.

I've persuaded them to try again.

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DoctorTwo Tue 15-Aug-17 17:19:02

I'm about to buy a Wileyfox Spark+ which is £99.99 from Carphone Warehouse. I did consider the Nokia 5, but have decided on the Wileyfox. If that's crap I'll take it back and get either the Nokia 5 or 6. The 8 is just too expensive.

My current phone is an Alcatel Pixi4, which is ok, but is starting to be not up to the job. It keeps crashing and that's really frustrating.

Come over to our thread, we're lovely, honest... You can ask anything about PoGo and get a coherent answer, usually from WhatToDo.

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