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Recommend me a game

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Tellmewhatyouknow Sat 22-Jul-17 19:38:08

I've played all the Resident Evil games with number 4 being my favourite.

I also love Skyrim

Can anyone recommend me a game?

Lordamighty Thu 27-Jul-17 16:51:29

Dark Souls I, II & III

iklboo Thu 27-Jul-17 16:59:51

DH loved Red Dead Redemption

Lordamighty Thu 27-Jul-17 17:12:04

Yes to Red Dead Redemption too.

TonicAndTonic Thu 27-Jul-17 17:13:53

How about the Deus Ex franchise?

TonicAndTonic Thu 27-Jul-17 17:14:32

Or Fallout 3 &4

Ashvis Thu 27-Jul-17 18:32:05

The Witcher 3. Everyone I know who loved Skyrim loves The Witcher 3.

Tellmewhatyouknow Thu 27-Jul-17 18:33:22

Thanks for the recommendations.

Currently downloading Dark Souls III from the Playstation Store

Lordamighty Thu 27-Jul-17 19:16:20

If you need online help with Dark Souls FightinCowboy has great 100% walk through.

00100001 Thu 27-Jul-17 19:17:39

Fallout 4

The division

GeraltsSilverSword Sat 05-Aug-17 19:53:55

Witcher 3 is bloody brilliant.

Huffletuff Sat 05-Aug-17 21:24:50

Witcher. Dragon Age. If you like Skyrim, Final Fantasy XV is bloody brilliant.

Kpo58 Sun 06-Aug-17 19:29:14


Demon Souls

Ashvis Mon 07-Aug-17 13:07:29

Loving the name Geralt.

Lilmisskittykat Mon 07-Aug-17 13:09:57

I just came on to say the witcher 3 as well.

Dragon age inquisitor is similar type of game too and I've always been a final fantasy fan.

imnotalpharius Mon 07-Aug-17 13:11:37

Another vote for fallout 4 and Horizon Zero Dawn if you have a PS4.

SunyBay Mon 07-Aug-17 14:01:42

And another vote for Dragon Age Inquisition - I love it. (I haven't played the other DA games, yet, but I've heard that Dragon Age Origins (the first one) is excellent, the second one not so good.)

LancashireTea Tue 08-Aug-17 21:00:37

Another vote for Witcher 3 (was genuinely gutted when I finished it as I'd enjoyed it so much) and for Dragon Age. I might have to restart Skyrim for the 7th time soon as I'm out of medieval style RPGs.

MartaJ Thu 17-Aug-17 13:10:47

Have you tried 'The Last Of Us' ? Or the latest 'Uncharted' (I forgot the name'.

TinyRick Fri 18-Aug-17 03:55:25

Definitely Dragon Age.

Just Cause 3 is currently free on PS+. Despite the flaws it's quite fun.

Dying Light
Life is Strange
Until Dawn
Wolfenstien The New Order
Killing Floor 2

Eringray Sat 07-Oct-17 18:45:34

I've always enjoyed playing the age of empires series. Its so fun and you can find great cheats online too. grin

IloveCheese11 Sat 07-Oct-17 23:20:27

Could I join in ad ask some advice for DH's birthday? He is currently sitting next to me playing Witcher 3, also loved Assassin's Creed (the one set in the Caribbean), The Last of Us, Red Dead Redemption. So mostly fantasy or those with a story and but with fighting.

I can see Skyrim, Dark Souls, Dragon Age mentioned a few times. I think he has Fallout 4 and not keen. He has a PS4.

Lilmisskittykat Sat 07-Oct-17 23:22:40

If he’s an assassin creed fan the new one is due out very soon 😊

FeckTheMagicDragon Sat 07-Oct-17 23:28:24

Witcher trilogy - 3 is the best, but the rest are also very good. Also get extra content
Mass Effect trilogy +additional content
Dragon Age trilogy
Bioshock trilogy (bit scary but excellent story line)
Deus Ex - theres a mod available for the earliest one to improve the graphics, as well as the recent Mankind Divided and Human Revolution (not invisible war - avoid!) again, brilliant

Those are my favourite games - for story, action and playability - more or less in order smile

Lordamighty Fri 13-Oct-17 20:29:09

@Ilovecheese11 - I have played all those games too but Dark Souls is still my favourite. Shadow of Mordor is also ok.

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