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Like Pokemon, but different

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sdkjames Sun 23-Apr-17 21:17:13

Hey all cake

If you're a Pokemon player who wants something different from the game, or if you like the idea of fun games/apps that get you walking more, you might like the game Pokemon was based on, by the same developers, Ingress. ( - you HAVE to move around to play the game.

Pokemon is definitely better for graphics, but for community, teamwork, exploring and strategy, I always hear that Ingress is the one to try. Myself and quite a few of my mum and dad friends love it for making the pram-pushing a bit more fun!

Here's a good article on it.

If you do like the look of it, there are two teams to choose from, green or blue. Green's generally need more players at the moment, so please consider joining the Green team. smile

Here's a quick guide to it.

Hopefully see you in the game! tbusmile

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