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Complete Novice Question - please can someone help me

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DoodleDoodleDo Thu 02-Mar-17 10:06:51

Hi everyone,

I am a complete techno novice. I have an Iphone, but probably do not use it too its full extent. We want to get our 8 year old a device he can listen to audio books on. I have audible on my iphone. What is the best thing to get for an 8 year old in this situation and how do I get the books I have already purchased onto this ipod (or other device? - do I need to synch it with my itunes?). The other thing is music.... is the best thing to just get spotify or something like that? My husband has napster which we listen to via a sonos app on an ipad - but I have no idea what to do otherwise (just haven't ever downloaded anything - embarrassing I know). Can you lovely people help me?

Kerberos Thu 02-Mar-17 20:01:03

An Amazon dot would work for audible and can be connected to Spotify too

ToniMumsnet (MNHQ) Sat 01-Apr-17 14:41:12

I was going to suggest that too. We have an Amazon Echo (basically the same as a dot) and we can play music, listen to audio books etc.... You would need a speaker to plug it into.

caroldecker Sat 01-Apr-17 15:11:07

The Echo is a Dot sitting on top of a speaker, no other speakers required. I suspect the Dot would work wirelessly with the Sonos speakers you have.

However, you could download audible on your ipad, link tot your account and play those through Sonos, all without a Dot or Echo.

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