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Leap pad platinum games

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smudgedlipstick Tue 07-Feb-17 18:59:20

Anyone found any decent games for the leap pad?! Dd got one for Christmas and have spent lots of pennies on games so far and they have all been rubbish. Any recommendations for a three year old?

smudgedlipstick Fri 10-Feb-17 16:53:35

Am assuming the leappads are just rubbish then! 😂

Xexyz Thu 09-Mar-17 09:06:51

The games on them are educational - but often they have forgotten to add the fun part. My son will play them for a bit but soon gets bored - and he's been known to sit colouring in pictures for a couple of hours at a time, so it's not a short attention span.

The consoles are massively underpowered and controls are laggy, which leads to more frustration.

The one game that he has played more than others is the Disney Cars one, but that's probably more down to the subject matter!

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