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Please help me understand speakers/soundbars for PS4 gaming!

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YorkiesGlasses Mon 28-Nov-16 11:49:45

Please, because I'm going round in circles! DS is a PS4 gamer but is not really clued up on tech. He's been gradually building a better set-up. For his birthday this year we upgraded his old bog-standard portable TV to a BenQ gaming monitor (not exactly what he'd have liked but with a budget of about £200-250 it was the best we could do.) This one

There's no headphone jack and because he shares a bedroom wall with an elderly couple next door, he needs to wear headphones. Oddly the monitor sound quality seems worse than the sound quality of the 15 year old TV, but again I think it's a budget issue. The 4K TV is very much out of reach right now!

So I bought some £20 Logitech speakers online thinking they would do, they have a headphone jack. He says the sound is static-y and tinny and no base. He's suggesting I look at things like 'soundbars' and 'sub-woofers' but I think he's as lost as I am! For Christmas I'd like to get him a decent sound set-up for PS4/monitor that works well with headphones.

I would really appreciate being pushed in the right direction, I'm so sick of hearing about tinny sound!

YorkiesGlasses Mon 28-Nov-16 12:54:25 Bose soundbar - good idea?

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