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Phones for DC supporting Pokemon go

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Leanin15yearsmaybe Wed 16-Nov-16 22:00:51

im thinking of getting DS a phone for Christmas and after much searching am swaying towards a Alcatel pixi 4 (5). It will be his first phone and although he will need to be able to text/call, I know his main focus will be Pokémon go. Does anyone have/know anyone with this phone? And does it support PG? Won't bother getting if it doesn't.

Also, if it doesn't, does anyone have any suggestions as to what does? The Alcatel is £7.50pm with 500 data so looking for similar, not iPhone 7 type prices shock, he literally just wants to play this game, no other fancy features. Tia

ShoppingBasket Mon 21-Nov-16 22:38:59

I bought a cheapo phone - huawai y5, Pokemon go works perfectly on it but does drain the battery and I also have all you can eat data - see if you can get this 500 mightn't be enough for PG. This phone was approx £70 per pay. I would imagine Alcatel would be in the same bracket as they are slightly better phones.
As an aside, DN has an iPhone but apparently my cheapo phone is less glitchy for PG.

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