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Wii u controller advice

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Seagullslanding Mon 24-Oct-16 18:57:52

Hi, I'm new to gaming so completely confused at present.

We've bought a Wii u for our 2 young girls for Christmas. I want to buy 2 motion controllers and nunchucks to go with the set.

The Nintendo ones are really expensive, I've seen lots of unbranded ones on Amazon and eBay. All with mixed reviews.

Can anyone advise which ones, which seller is worth buying from. Any advice really appreciated.

MoosicalDaisy Fri 25-Nov-16 12:37:35

Wii controllers are the same as Wii U ones, the only difference being the sync button is under the battery cover on the older ones, i suggest you look for second hand ones as they can be pretty cheap, maybe local FB groups

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