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AnimalJam advice pls

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turtlesallthewaydown Thu 12-May-16 18:20:25

My almost-8 year old has discovered AnimalJam at her friend's house. She's desperate to play it at home. Any advice as to whether it is suitable for her age?
It sounds horrible to me, but from the point of view of the stereotypes it possibly promotes (DD tells me it's all about trying to get boyfriends by changing your looks - when I said it's better to have a boyfriend who likes you for you, not just your looks, she said "oh yes! It's good to have boyfriends because they can protect you and give you money"!!!).
So I guess that's 2 questions, age-appropriateness, and general message it gives - advice gratefully received. Thanks smile

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turtlesallthewaydown Thu 12-May-16 18:29:01

Now I've had a look at some reviews by parents I'm even more confused! And less happy. Would welcome insights from other parents.

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