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imwithspud Sun 17-Jan-16 19:57:45

I've just played through the Nathan Drake collection on PS4, Uncharted, Uncharted 2 and Uncharted 3. Never played them on PS3, but it came as part of our PS4 bundle so I thought I may as well give them a go. Different to the sort of game I usually go for but I really really enjoyed them, love all the characters, especially Elena and Sully. I found the stories and the relationships between the characters really endearing. I love the fact that the female characters can kick ass and aren't just there for eye candy. Now I'm ridiculously excited for the release of Uncharted 4in April!

Anyone else play(ed) the series? Thoughts?

Ashvis Thu 21-Jan-16 08:01:09

I haven't played the series (love gaming but rubbish with a gun, give me a sword or magic spells any day) but I LOVED watching dh play it. I (jokingly) told him I'd divorce him if he advanced the story without me watching in case I missed bits. I love the puzzle aspect of it too, and often helped out with that side of it, and treasure spotting! I desperately want to be able to jump about like Drake. The bit with the plane was brilliant! The female characters are great, although I think it's a shame the original design for Elena was changed to make her prettier. She still rocks though. I can't wait for it to come out in April either, will even take short breaks from gaming myself to watch him play. Did you play the PS Vita one?

It's a shame they never made a movie - I always thought a younger Nathan Fillion would have been brilliant as Drake.

superbfairywren Thu 21-Jan-16 08:24:49

I'm playing it at the moment although I'm so rubbish I think I prefer watching dh play it really! Am on the first one, not very far in. Played the first one, on ps3 years ago but don't really remember it so am enjoying the story. Will take me years to complete all three! I am better at the puzzles than the fighting, its like I panic when anybody shoots at me. When I used to play tomb raider I literally used to drop the controller and scream when a jaguar/dinosaur/ rat came running at me! I think I have to play often to relax and just get on with it and I don't have the time anymore. Might play se tonight though, you've inspired me!

imwithspud Fri 22-Jan-16 22:01:57

I think they are actually making an Uncharted movie, due to come out in 2017

I saw a picture on FB recently with a screenshot of Drake in U4 with a picture of Nathan Fillion next to him and there is definitely a resemblance. I think he's aged a bit in the new game, which would make sense given the time since the last one came out. I haven't played the PSVita one but I may have to invest in it soon, maybe for when we go away in April. Not usually into this sort of genre but Uncharted has got me interested in the whole treasure hunting thing. I may even sit with DP and watch Indiana Jones with him now!

I've been watching my DP play through the games and it's fun to watch as well. He's much better at shooting than me but he's also frustrating too as he's not as good with the jumping and moving about and tends to be reckless during gun fights so dies more as a result, but since I played through it before he did I've been able to help him out with puzzles and what not.

The plane in the third game is amazing, I was wondering how he was going to get out of that one alive, same with the train in U2. U1 is probably my least favourite of the series, but it's still a solid game for it's time. Can't decide whether I like 2 or 3 more.

I find with the gun fights I need to find somewhere to take cover, I panic more if I'm 'exposed' so to speak. But the more you play the more you get used to it.

AdventureMathematical Sat 23-Jan-16 18:24:42

I played them all the first time round and am looking forward to the next one but I am Worried about the writing. They ditched the woman that wrote the first three and replaced her with the guys that wrote the last of us which played the same but was very serious in tone. Uncharted is supposed to be fun!

imwithspud Sat 23-Jan-16 18:57:11

I didn't know a woman wrote it, that's interesting. I haven't played The Last of Us yet but I want to get the remastered version soon.

Part of the reason I enjoyed uncharted so much was because it was lighthearted and fun. I do hope they don't lose that.

superbfairywren Sun 24-Jan-16 09:17:35

Oh me too, didn't realise the writer had changed. Hmm.. Dubious now. Dh will buy it anyway but I doubt he will enjoy it if its too serious. I love that it's lighthearted

AdventureMathematical Mon 25-Jan-16 23:18:21

I did a bit of fact checking as I don't want to mislead anyone. Her name is Amy Henning and she has gone to a developer under EA to work on a Star Wars game which doesn't have a name yet.

MadeMan Sun 20-Mar-16 14:10:29

Yeah to me the series has some of the best characters and relationships between them that I've ever seen in a game. Very natural 'acting' and dialogue; not at all wooden or awkward, which can sometimes be the case with games.

MadeMan Sun 20-Mar-16 14:12:41

Definitely buy The Last Of Us, imwithspud.

I'm about halfway through it on PS3 and am really enjoying it so far.

imwithspud Mon 21-Mar-16 22:25:03

I got TLOU for my birthday as it happensgrin Currently playing Fallout4, but I can't wait to play through it.

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