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Dimwit Xbox one set up

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carrielou2007 Wed 30-Dec-15 16:52:44

Bought Xbox one for kiddies for Christmas, trying to set it up today want to throw bloomin thing out of he window! After about 30 blessed attempts to 'add new account' never had consoles before finally got the 'home' screen. Tried to sign in with the new account details said no account create one now arraghhhhh!! So after two and a half hours I've turned it off and kids have faces like the end of the world and I feel terrible sadbeen through tge Xbox help pages but not sure what I am doing wrong with the account part as I can't get past it please any help most appreciated!

sidsgranny Wed 30-Dec-15 16:58:27

I bloody hate the Xbox! I find it really complicated, unlike the Wii!

We got DS one last Christmas and if I remember rightly it has to be a microsoft (hotmail) email address you use to set up the account?

carrielou2007 Wed 30-Dec-15 17:08:47

It said I had to create a Microsoft one with a xxx something to the email address which I did even though I only gave my own email address which I then added as a 'security' measure. I tried to add my mobile number but it didn't like that either. My lovely 15 year old nephew said he'd set it up but my poor kiddies have been waiting since Christmas Day and I thought 'how hard can it be' err wrong!! Not that they didn't have enough other crap toys! Thank you x

TheCrowFromBelow Wed 30-Dec-15 17:17:13

And BREATHE. Setting up the Xbox makes me swear it is ridiculously long winded; we each needed our own Microsoft accounts and then I had to verify each of the DSs as they have child profiles, it hated my credit card details and we would get all the way through only to be told it couldn't connect to the servers.
I found it easier to set up the Microsoft live accounts on the PC and then enter details into the Xbox. Same with payments, log into your profile at and sort it there. good luck! Alternatively wait DNephew grin

carrielou2007 Wed 30-Dec-15 17:31:24

I need lots of wine after this I wish think!! Just tried it again and now done it but just done my account for now, my nephew can do the rest I hope! Sky landers is now loading hurrah!!!

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