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minecraft story mode - help please!

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giraffesarefab Sat 28-Nov-15 09:35:47

Ds would like this for christmas for the xbox 360 but I keep reading about downloading - what do I need and what should I get?
If I buy the game, is that it? Or is it buy the game and then buy the season pass aswell?

Please explain this as if I was an idiot!

Anjelika Mon 30-Nov-15 13:29:57

Hi Giraffe. My DS is Minecraft-obsessed so has asked for this for Xmas and my SIL has bought it from him.

Just looked on Amazon and it says "Disc includes episode one and grants access to four more episodes as they become available to download". DS plays on xBox 360. He hasn't got xBox Live but he & I recently downloaded an update to the standard Minecraft game - it was pretty easy & quick to do so hopefully this will be the same. I'm sure they'll soon know from Stampy when a new episode becomes available!

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